EMEC scale wave test site (Scapa Flow)

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To complement it's grid connected sites, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) also offers test sites in less challenging conditions to facilitate a range of real-sea testing and demonstration projects.  The non-grid connected sites provide a flexible licenced sea space to enable marine energy developers and suppliers to learn lessons in real-sea conditions whilst minimising costs.

Key Features

- Bespoke test support buoys: enable developers to dissipate electricity generated by their devices, while recording wave and tidal data.
- Pre-installed anchor points: flexible mooring options for developers.
- Area of seabed for rehearsal or deployment of tools and techniques: EMEC holds an overarching site licence, simplifying the consent process within an agreed envelope of activity.

The scale sites are designed with flexibility in mind. They are suitable for, but not limited to, the following activities:

- Device testing.
- Component testing.
- New tools, techniques & supply chain solutions.
- Monitoring corrosion, biofouling & acoustic instrument packages.
- Anchoring, cabling, subsea hub & web-mate connectors.
- Installation tests.
- Rehearsal activities.
- Testing ROV's, vessel activities.
- Operation & maintenance tests.
- Training.
- Health & safety procedures.
- Decommissioning trials.
- Research projects.


EMEC operates within an Integrated Management System, which has been developed using the principles of HSG 65 to meet the standards laid down in OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO17020 and ISO 17025.


Travel to Orkney via air or road/boat and installation on site using marine contractors (available locally).