NPL Composites, Adhesives and Polymeric material test facilities

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NPL has significant experience in the mechanical characterisation of polymeric materials and composites and are well set up for both standardised and non-standard testing using, but not limited to, the following equipment:
Static (±500 kN, -150 °C to 350 °C)
Cyclic fatigue (±100 kN, 0.002 to 50 Hz)
Multiaxial testing (static and cyclic, ±50 kN, 0 to 25 Hz)
Biaxial testing of polymers
High rate (1 to 2 m/s, -150 °C to 350 °C)
Drop weight impact (0 to 4 metres, 0 to 900 J, -55 °C to 200 °C)
Creep of composites (±500 kN, 23 °C to 350 °C)
Tensile creep of polymers (0 to 750 N, 0 to 100 °C)
Slow rate strain testing (liquids and gas exposure, 4.5 x 10-7 m/s)
Environmental stress cracking (tension and flexure, all liquids, 0 to 1 kN)
Creep rupture (tension and flexure, 0 to 50 kN)
Tension, compression, shear, flexure and fracture toughness
Through-thickness tension, compression and shear
Open hole tension (OHT), open hole compression (OHC) and pin-bearing tests
Bonded and bolted joints, and sandwich structure testing