ORE Catapult Simulated Seabed

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Situated on a regenerated port-side site along the river Blyth in Northumberland, ORE Catapult has adapted three dry dock facilities to create a controlled onshore saltwater environment to perform prototype development, equipment trials, prove installation techniques, performance verification and witness tests aimed at accelerating marine energy technology generation cycle.

The facilities which include two still water basins and a simulated seabed has enable ORE Catapult to play an instrumental role in the testing and trialling of novel cutting devices for rock trenching equipment, submerged testing of ROVs and subsea foundation performance tests. Other projects have included the development of power take-off systems for marine renewable devices, cable joint integrity tests, salt corrosion analysis and materials and coatings selection.

The simulated seabed has a sediment depth of 4m, which can then be covered by 3.5m of seawater.


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