Methil dock

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Methil Dock No. 3 opened in 1913 and was used for bulk import and export, particuarly coal. In  May 1977 the Dock was closed to marine traffic and the two finger docks infilled leaving the main basin. The Dock is constructed from a combination of mass concrete and masonry copes. The dock gates are closed and currently stopped from opening by stone infill. Three of the four dock walls are supported with mass stone infill. The entrance channel is formed by a 600m long concrete breakwater with 5m draft at MLWS. The south and east dock quays are the locations for the Hydrogen Office and associated wind turbine. The dock bed material is coastal sediments. There is no cranage on the site.  There are two dock gates in need of refurbishment/replacement. The peak flow of the Mean Spring Tide is 0.76-1m/s. The tidal range at Spring Tides is 5m. Appximate volume of water impoundment between MHWN and MLWN tides is circa 100,250m3.