FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility

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The FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility is a circular combined current and wave test tank optimised for modelling at scales of approximately 1:20.  The facility employs a unique circular configuration with 168 wavemakers and 28 flow-drives installed around the circumference of the 25m diameter, 2m deep, basin.  The tank therefore has no preferential orientation, allowing independent control of both the wave and current direction through 360 degrees.  This, combined with a large 15m diameter test area, provides the ability to more effectively and practically test arrays of marine energy devices, as well as a range of other marine technologies.  The facility is equipped with an extensive instrumentation suite, including above and below water video motion capture.


Working towards UKAS and ISO-9001 as the facility becomes fully operational


The facility has onsite parking and is accessed by road