Dynamic Marine Component Test Facility (DMaC)

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The Dynamic Marine Component Test Facility (DMaC) is a purpose built test rig that aims to replicate the forces and motions that components are subjected to in offshore applications.

The test rig comprises of a linear hydraulic cylinder that can be used to replicate any pulling (tension) and pushing (compression) force representative of dynamic loadings, pre-loadings, etc. (termed the Z actuator in the tailstock position).  At the other end of the rig the moving headstock with three degrees of freedom (namely pitch, roll and yaw) representative of x- and y-bending or torsion allows to replicate the movement and forces (e.g. bending moments) induced through the motion of a floating body.

The rig is capable to replicate tensile forces of up to 30 tonnes in dynamic and 45 tonnes in static operation.  The maximum bending angle at the headstock is ±30° for x- and y-bending.  The rig can test specimens up to a length of 6 metres.  Beyond that, the rig has the unique feature that components can be immersed in fresh water to allow the testing in a wet environment.  These features allow a dynamic testing of components in large scale under controlled environment applying realistic motion characteristics.

Control centre

  • Programmable test design
    • Force driven
    • Displacement driven
  • NI Compact RIO / Labview
    • Data acquisition and control channels
      • 32 analogue inputs
      • 8 differential strain gauge inputs
      • 64 digital inputs
      • 32 digital outputs
      • 16 analogue outputs
    • Sampling frequency (combined) 250 kHz
    • Position control frequency 120 kHz

Headstock: 3 Degrees of Freedom Gimbal

  • X and Y bending
    • Displacement ±30°
    • Frequency 0.25 Hz
    • Off-axis load 10 kNm
  • Torsion
    • Angle infinite 360°
    • Torque 1500 Nm
    • Speed 10 rpm

Test Bed

  • Maximum specimen properties
    • Diameter 800 mm
    • Base to pivot point 300 mm
    • Maximum specimen dimensions length 6 m
  • 6mm polycarbonate safety shield
  • Spare data acquisition inputs for specimen specific data recording applications
  • Adjustable Z position

Tailstock: Z Actuator

  • Z actuator dimensions
    • Stroke 1 m
    • Rod diameter 70 mm
    • Bore diameter 160 mm
  • Maximum dynamic force 30 Tonnes
  • Maximum static force 45 Tonnes
  • Equal area actuator
  • 2 stage servo-hydraulic control valve 462l/min
  • Preload force 14 Tonnes
  • Frequency (at 1 m stroke) 0.1 Hz
  • Frequency (at 0.1 m stroke) 1 Hz
  • Frequency (at 0.01 m stroke) 10 Hz





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