Diving and Hyperbaric Test Centre (DHTC)

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QinetiQ operates the centre in support of the Ministry of Defence and commercial organisations, providing assurance that diving equipment is safe and effective in use. These facilities are also used to support the development and testing of submarine escape and rescue systems, life support systems and decompression procedures.

Experimental Diving Tank (EDT) is an open water tank that allows for temperature control and can be fitted with anechoic panels to allow acoustic
• Open top tank 3 m x 3 m x 3 m
• Fresh or salt water filled
• Temperature controlled in fresh water 2° to 45° C
• 2 m x 2 m x 2 m underwater anechoic chamber
• Diving helmet noise evaluation

Life Support Systems Laboratory is a single compartment hyperbaric chamber with 1000 m depth capability, optional water fill, temperature control, 600 m rated breathing simulators, and respiratory gas monitoring:
• Wet or dry pressure chamber; rated to 100 bar (1000 m)
• Fresh water temperature between 2° and 40 °C
• Single/Dual breathing simulators; gas humidification and heating to 32 °C (± 4 °C)
• Breathing performance and endurance evaluation to 60 bar (600 m)
• Full range of system and apparatus monitoring
• Carbon dioxide absorbent endurance and performance
• Simulated metabolic oxygen consumption