4MW Hydrostatic drive system test facilities

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Artemis has extensive test rig facilities for the development and testing of hydraulic(hydrostatic) type transmissions covering the power range of 20kW to 4MW. The test rigs are used to develop Digital Displacement hydraulic pumps and motors but can also be used for testing or demonstration of other hydrostatic drivetrains.

4MW generator drive test rig has a corner torque of approximately 60kNm and a maximum speed of 1500 rpm. 60KNm HBM torque transducer, 8000l/min flow capacity at 350 bar with full flow measuring capacity. The rig is set up to develop high speed hydraulic motors suitable for driving generators in off-shore wind or wave projects.


Good road access from the M8 / M9 corridor. 4.5m height roller door access into the facility with large external concrete apron and internal area for offloading. Internal 30m span 30T overhead crane. Hook heigh 7m.